This past month I’ve focused on the importance of the places where we live in making who we are.  It’s subtle if you live in a busy, noisy environment like a city or even a heavily populated suburb.  When you are lucky enough to live with lots of open space around you, the influence of the land, sky and waters – the Living Dome – is tangible and pressing.

The advent of a relatively new environment of virtual space creates another layer of human voices, ideas, visions, sounds, and computations that tamp the living presence of the natural world. Some humans now prefer virtual representations of the Living Dome that blankets the planet, sustaining all life.

What does physical or representational separation from the source of life and imagination mean for coming generations?

So much in American life has has a corrupting influence on our requirements for social order.  We live in a culture that has lost its memory.  Very little in the specific shapes and traditions of our grandparents’ pasts instructs us how to live today. ~ Gretel Ehrlich from The Solace of Open Spaces, Chapter “To Live in Two Worlds”

What do you think?