How Climate Change Affects Food Supply

AZ Agriculture Photo

In Threshold, Ed Flanagan is a COO of a major community food bank. He is skeptical about climate change until he has to deal with unexpected shortages.

From Chapter 23:

As summer temperatures extended into October, the health of the people and the stability of the water supply preoccupied the minds of scientists, business leaders, and city and county agencies. Even the most stubborn climate deniers admitted that the situation was dire–no matter the causes. Action was required.

One morning Ed received a notice about shipments of imported fruit that were rotting on docks because cargo ships could not enter their ports. The recent rise in sea levels made it too dangerous. Ed had just finished reading a forecast of an expected rise in food costs due to lower production in the main food growing areas of the U.S. and in parts of the world that were experiencing either record rainfall and flooding, or the opposite: drought and record heat. Coffee prices soared as yields diminished. Food shipments lost at sea during mega-storms, and cargo planes grounded in record heat–each of these bore down on his mind like a locomotive coming around a bend, horns blasting its arrival.

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