COP 23: No Nation Should Be Allowed to Exit

COP 23 November 7, 2017

Jim Hansen addresses Making the Carbon Majors Pay for Climate Action:

In this short but profound address, Dr. Hansen calls out the U.S. and China, the two largest emitters of CO2, to fund critical climate action (carbon draw-down). The scientific and ethical basis of this action is described.

Hansen states: No nation should be allowed to exit.  

  • The U.S. is historically the largest and longest polluter;
  • Countries are already dealing with the impacts of climate change;
  • Since actions by a few affect all, and since life on earth hangs in the balance, no nation should be allowed to exit from its responsibility.

Hansen warns: The loss of island nations and coastal cities across the planet may already be locked in: green house gas (GHS) forcings are accelerating, not slowing.

From the Pachamama Alliance, listen to another cultural perspective about protecting the health of the planet for future and present generations of human beings:

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