Pure Blue Flame

The human will is a fire that emanates from some well of life bestowed in mysterious fashion. In the infant it is a pure blue flame subject to exterior forces and needs protection for its fine, unfettered nature.

Then, as a baby becomes an infant, becomes a toddler then child, the human will is open to self-starting. As she grows in experience and knowledge of the material world, a child-become-teen learns from the adults “in charge” how to stoke her own fire of will. This, she learns, is not a simple matter. Other wills-to-live impinge on hers and she struggles to refine her own.

As the human pageant records in tragedies, comedies, and dramas of all ilk, this struggle to regain one’s own will among others is no simple feat. Some never find it again but labor-on, fulfilling the will of others.

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