Current List of Books I Am Reading or Recently Read

Here are some books that you have not listed on your FB page:

  1. Kalara and the Sun by Ishiguro – currently reading; fiction
  2. A Children’s Bible by Lydia Millet – fiction
  3. How to Change Everything by Klein – nonfiction
  4. Under a White Sky by Kolbert – nonfiction
  5. We Run the Tides by Veda – fiction
  6. On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous by Vuong – fiction, memoir
  7. Washington Black by Edugyan – fiction
  8. Here is the Beehive – Crossan – fiction (in verse)
  9. The Nightwatchman by Erdrich – fiction
  10. To Speak for the Trees – Diana Beresford- Kroeger – biography
  11. Ministry for the Future – Kim Stanley Robinson

Also, I am in an international book club. We are currently reading Jan Morris’ Conundrum which is so beautifully written that to read it is pure joy. It is mind-expanding. Published in 1974, it chronicles the path of Jan Morris – a world renowned journalist and writer – to accept his and then reconcile his gender identity to her soul self.

If you want to learn more about climate change, the New York Times has posted many nonfiction and fiction books that will inform and help you experience characters’ emotions when confronted by it. Go Here.