Bountiful: Martin Sisters Publishing

Martin Sisters Publishing has agreed to publish my second novel–Bountiful.

The independent publishing company is based in Barbourville, Kentucky.

Martin Sisters Publishing is an independent publisher dedicated to delivering a quality reading experience to book lovers.

Martin Sisters Publishing chooses its authors and its books with care to ensure their readers know they are the primary focus of MSP. The sisters want their readers to feel as much a part of the Martin Sisters family as the original family members who created the company.

Bountiful is a novel set in the American midwest at Green Fields Farm:

After the death of her husband Charlotte Roux is drawn back to her family farm near Bountiful, Iowa. Leaving all trappings of her Manhattan lifestyle behind, Charlotte finds the challenges of her new life daunting yet invigorating. All the familiar “isms” are proved false as Charlotte and her new community of fellow humans discover exactly what their hearts demand. Forget your beliefs about aging, family and destiny. Bountiful serves up a whole new menu!

Stay tuned. Not sure when the actual release date will be; we are just getting started so that it might be in early 2019.