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Threshold is a novel published by Fireship Press in 2016. It is s multilayered story about Tucson, Arizona when climate changes are coming into the general public’s awareness through record temperatures and black outs. The book is written expressly for the Tucson community but any community in the world can learn from the stories in this novel. I included discussion questions in the back of the book for schools, neighborhoods, churches, and leaders to engage people in planning.  Threshold Teaching ResourcesThreshold Book Club Questions

Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World is a book of essays from nature writers, psychologists, poets, and others, each of whom contributed a perspective on the topic of restoring humans to a relationship with nature that is sustaining to both. My essay, “A Way Forward in an Uncertain Future” is among them. Martin Keogh is the editor. He brought all of us together to make this powerful book. You’ll find a lot of hope in its pages.

Songs of Ourselves published by Blue Heron Book Works is a compilation of essays about being an American. You will love the diversity of stories and writing styles. Consider it a Blue Highways on steroids. The first chapter includes ten short essays and stories from my blog




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