Susan’s Blogs

Below are several blogs that I write for different purposes. Hope you explore and enjoy them. I love WordPress blog templates and their outstanding service. I have both free and customized blog sites. – you are on the main blog site featuring my writing, books and discussion about the things I care about and seek to influence best I can.

Little House on Belmont Street – a blog inspired by downsizing to a tiny house in downtown Pensacola, Florida, about travel, food, and friends.

A Legacy of Writing from Anne and Jack Rudloe – a blog featuring the authors and conservation leaders, Anne and Jack Rudloe, and the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab they founded and have grown into a major center for marine conservation and education in Florida. The Rudloes have published dozens of books about Florida wildlife, the Gulf of Mexico, and sea turtle conservation.

Beverly and Jennifer Acierno Scholarship – a blog about the scholarship our family established to remember my sister Beverly and her daughter, Jennifer, and the legacy of their public education and charitable giving work on behalf of children with disabilities. The scholarship supports special education majors in the college of education at The University of West Florida in Pensacola.