Systems Thinking for Climate Solutions

Wastewater Recovery Integrative Project

The City College of New York Masters Project: Integrative Sustainability Goals for a Next Generation Resource Recovery Facility/Campus

This project was created in the Sustainability in the Urban Environment Master’s Program at The City College of New York. It addresses wastewater recovery, adjacent wetlands, energy efficiency, food security of poor neighborhoods, and small business opportunities in food marketing. Accomplished: improved wastewater recovery, healthy wetlands recovery, regenerative energy systems, food security, and economic opportunity.

Food – Energy – Water Nexus

This approach looks for affiliated nodes in a neighborhood(s). By considering this cluster of industry, ecosystem, food and economic insecurity of adjacent neighborhoods (nodes) as a “campus”, the approach seeks to create a closed loop system for regenerative outcomes. Watch a short video presentation of this project which begins at 6 minutes 41 seconds.