Water Innovation

Wastewater Reclamation and Seawater Desalination are two major technologies that will continue to rapidly improve over the next decade. These offer areas experiencing drought condition and conversely, flooding from increased rainfall, to develop stable systems that provide potable and clean water for human and nonhuman species respectively.

Industrial water use is projected to increase by 60% over the next 50 years. Sustainable water use can greatly reduce that use by recycling and reclaiming water to reduce the amount of water needed in industry and home use. Energy efficiency is a critical area of potential outcomes. See project below that uses a systems approach to identify a network of related services which researchers consider a “campus”.

An example is a project led by City College of New York where a closed wastewater system is powered in part by biogas from solid waste management. The concept includes food, water, and energy from a systems perspective. The research team studies heterogeneous nodes of power and water and then considers them together as critical infrastructure system elements. Functioning of all the nodes depends on power. The video below describes the project approach. Start at 6 min. 25 seconds.