Published Works


1-hope-front-coverHope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World

The environmental “tipping point” we approach is more palpable each day, and people are seeing it in ways they can no longer ignore—we need only turn on the news to hear the litany of what is wrong around us. Serious reflection, inspiration, and direction on how to approach the future are now critical.

North Atlantic Press, 2012


Songs of OurselvesSongs of Ourselves: America’s Interior Landscape

Blue Heron Book Works loves stories and we are dedicated to the idea that everyone’s individual story—not just those who live in the glare of the celebrity spotlight—is essential to the bigger story of who we are. It’s not politically correct to assign characteristics to nationalities, and in fact most Americans wouldn’t consider being American a nationality, claiming that we all come from somewhere else. And yet, after even one generation here—often sooner—the thing that we all have in common, the thing that makes us American, asserts itself and that is this: we look at everything with a child-like sense of the new.

Blue Heron Book Works, 2015

Nonfiction Essays

paeancoverPaean to the Earth

Essays inspired by living in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson, Arizona.  Science, nature, ways forward in an uncertain future are subjects of these colorful essays.

Susan Williams, 2008



Threshold book coverThreshold: A Sky Island Story

Residents in a large, desert city struggle to come together to respond to the impacts of climate change.  Characters’ cultural and personal perspectives explore ways of knowing readers may find unusual and, ultimately, helpful. A love story, an adventure, and a social study, Threshold engages readers to consider our basic humanity.

Released in November of 2016 by Fireship Press

COMING IN SOONBountiful published by Martin Sisters Publishing!