Youth Write

Who will be the next teen author?
Who will be the the next teen author?

Writing is like learning to walk: you just have to get on your two feet and shove off into the wide blue yonder!

Just start. How do you start writing? By writing — writing anything that shares your life’s experiences. Your voice is unique and should be heard. Think of your favorite books, graphic novels, or videos. They all come from someone’s personal experience. What do you have to share with readers?

To learn to write, read! Read, read, read. This is one of the best ways to learn storytelling, by reading excellent writers in areas that are of interest to you. How does the writer tell the story? How are characters described? See this link from the Library of Congress that helps you find books to read: READ.GOV

See these 15 publishers that publish children and teen writing from Authors Publish website. Also, don’t forget your school publications and local newspapers and magazines that might like to publish a well written essay, poem, or story by you!