It’s the Hunger Games – for Real

$65B wealth building during the Pandemic year – $7M per hour – is just Jeff Bezos’ profit among our 657 billionaires while millions of people struggle to pay the rent, buy food, and stay healthy. This, when Amazon decreased its pay to employees and they fight for unionization for basic living wages. See Chuck Collin’s article at the Institute for Policy Studies. And Democracy Now Interview with Collins here.

Mega wealth is a result of our capitalist system which, when left to the markets, favors the wealthy. But, now it has reached the level of a Hunger Games scenario. Suzanne Collins‘ masterworks for YA audiences, is a good read for us adults, and maybe more today than when it was first published in 2008.

When I see the super wealthy today, I’m reminded of the fawning, glittered things Katniss confronts on her journey to take back the real world for real people.

What are we going to do about this? Well, first, we need to have a fair taxation of wealth in the country because guess what? We are the people that made their wealth possible. Not that we intended it.

I’m done with unbridled capitalism, aren’t you? Go get your quiver and bow and meet me in the parking lot. Metaphorically speaking in case you are taking it literally. It’s code for Call Your Senator!

Photo by Thiago Schlemper on