Born in Johnson City, Tennessee, I began a sixteen-year journey in a military family. My parents, sisters and I traveled as a roving clan, moving to U.S. Air Force bases coast to coast and Hawaii. This formative experience has served as an inspiration for my calling as a storyteller.

In college I studied English and American literature with  a minor in science – a duality that influences what I write about most: nature and people.  Over three decades, I taught in public schools, community colleges, and informal science education institutions (museums and zoos, and nature centers). 

Later I started a sole proprietorship, Write for Change. This began a time of intense writing and supporting nonprofits with writing services. From 2004 to 2009, I was invited to write a column for Tucson Green Magazine, which  featured essays about living in the American Southwest. Later I self-published Paean to the Earth (2008), a collection of essays, poetry, and short stories inspired by my experiences in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

In 2006 the Frank Waters Foundation provided a Writer’s Residency at their artist’s cabin near Taos in Arroyo Seco in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. During this eight-week residency, a speculative novel about climate change evolved into an imaginative adventure but not a very good novel. Over the next decade I wrote several more drafts until it was accepted for publication by a publisher in Tucson, Arizona: Fireship Press. The Tucson Book Festival Masters Workshop accepted one of those drafts for review by master writers. (The West Florida Literary Federation Portfolio Group’s talented writers assisted me with the final version.) Fireship Press picked it up for publication in 2016.  Threshold was inspired by my love for the people of the Southwest. I am still mining those experiences for novellas. short stories, and essays.

I have continued to develop essays about humans and nature. In 2011, my essay, “A Way Forward in an Uncertain Future” was published in an anthology, edited by Martin Keogh: Hope Beneath Our Feet – Restoring Our Place in the Natural World (North Atlantic Press).

Other essays have been published in the 2021 Emerald Coat Review,   Songs of Ourselves: America’s Interior Landscape (Blue Heron Book Works, 2015), Panoplyzine, SEJ Journal (Journal of the Society of Environmental Journalists), Pensacola Magazine, and in academic publications. This blog is where I share new works with followers and review books by outstanding writers. also publishes links and information about climate change for communities to build resilience on the way to a sustaining way of life.

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