Tell me a story and you’ll be my friend. Storytelling is my art and my passion. This inclination is in all of us. Mine derived from people of the land, farmers and tinkers, in my ancestors from Europe, Scandinavia, Great Britain, and Ireland. On both sides of my family, our roots began in Virginia.

My geological location is the Tidewater of Virginia. Ocean, wetland, bays and rivers. The early settlers navigated to regions in the Tidewater- the phrase “Hampton Roads” referring to its watery routes. Now bridges and tunnels connect highways but there is still Norfolk harbor, one of America’s oldest ports and a strategic site for the Navy’s warships, international trade vessels, yachts, and cruise boats. The land is rich and productive. My people were farmers here as early as the 1780s.

My Grandparents’ Hill Top Home

Posts of Interest

Threshold - a Novel about Climate Change in the Southwest

Book Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble

November 2016

Published by Fireship Press, Threshold is speculative fiction about Tucson residents feeling the impacts of climate change. Youth rise to lead their generation.

Available on Amazon

2010 North Atlantic Press Publication

Martin Keogh, Editor, included my essay in this beautiful book. From writers and leaders in conservation, hope.

Paean to the Earth – Essays, Plays, and Stories

Published in 2008 through Ghost River Images, Paean is the first publication of my travel writing and memories of my life as the child of an Air Force Officer, moving frequently, living coast to coast in the American physical and cultural landscape. Go here to learn more.

Photo by Susan L Feathers Sonoran Desert

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