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Threshold - a Novel about Climate Change in the Southwest
Novel about Climate Change in Tucson and the Southwest

Resources for teaching science, English and Literature, Social Equity with the novel, Threshold.

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See a downloadable PDF with Next Generation Standards correlations in science, reading, language, and social studies below.

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National Science Education Standards

Guidelines for Excellence

Building Resilient Neighborhoods Citizen’s Guide by Tucson Physicians for Social Responsibility

Buy a copy of Threshold at Fireship Press or at Antigone’s Bookstore in Tucson, Arizona


Susan is always willing to give a talk about the book, especially as a teaching aid or book club discussion topic. Please just get in touch by leaving a comment on this page.

5.0 out of 5 stars “Threshold” urges choices for us at our crossroads now.Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2016

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Book Review: “Threshold” by Susan Feathers, 2016.
Susan Feathers has brought us to a “Threshold”, which she crosses over in her book, but which we can also interpret as a serious warning and a “Crossroads”. We are now at those critical crossroads in real life. One road can take us on a path of heroic and life changing decisions to save our peoples’ and environment’s future on our planet Earth. The other road, the one selected by the author, leads down the path to climate disaster, which she describes for us in a deeply personalized and easily readable novel, weaving in elements of and challenges to the lives of recognizable local people in Tucson and the Southwest Arizona region. We have critical choices to make, Ms. Feathers helps us understand, as she also weaves the work of climate scientists, biologists and environmentalists into her tapestry. At the same time, she intimates that work has been and must continue to be done to adapt to our changing climate in order to save lives and our environment, such as building resilient neighborhoods and ecosystems. In the final analysis, however, this book serves as a dire warning about the road we all must take with great passion and commitment: that of working in every way possible to mitigate life destroying climate change by changing our way of living to one without fossil fuels, extreme consumption and toxic degradation of our planet. I like this book because it reaches out to all ages and offers discussion questions at the end. It is needed because, face it, climate change is an emergency.

Barbara H. Warren, MD, MPH
Director, Arizona Chapter,
Physicians for Social Responsibility

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