What if we came together?

You may have heard of a zeitgeist. Others mention confluence. I recall that E.O. Wilson, famed biologist and conservationist, titled his book Consilience.

I am seeing this type of interspecies convergence of ideas in the morass of news and art and economics and everyday human social and political enterprise: we are coming together. Yes we are also coming apart but, we are coming together more and in more ways. I ask you to just pay attention.

One day you read or hear about awe as a critical part of sustaining ourselves through troubled times. Next thing you know it is in books, discussions, podcasts, etc. It has been bubbling up before it was seen then it comes at us from myriad sectors and myriad media.

We feel it as a species finally. The changing Earth, the related uncertainties. But also, the renascence and creativity rising to the challenge.

Will it be in time to preserve the Earth’s ecosystems that have been supportive of life for so long (to us) but briefly in stellar time? Maybe.

Meanwhile, experience it. We ARE coming together.

Paths: Now We Choose

At no time can I remember is our choice of life paths more important, or fraught. Read an article that captures where we are, from Emergence Magazine, Darkness Rising by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. https://emergencemagazine.org/op_ed/darkness-rising/

The author mentions Thomas Berry and Joanna Macy, two of the most profound writers and thinkers of a sustaining future. See links below to their words.

Thomas Berry : Dream of the Earth

Joanna Macy: The Great Turning