Gambling with Generations’ Fate

An article published in the journal Nature delivers a sober but clear message about the myth of carbon dioxide removal as a current strategy to meet net zero carbon emissions that will stabilize warming at 1.5 to 2 degrees warming.

As the industrialized world continues with fossil fuel development claiming they will reach net zero emissions on time through carbon removal, the article by David T. Ho, oceanographer at the University of Hawai’i soberly outlines why that strategy will lead to catastrophic warming.

As we inch toward the 2024 Presidential election, each of us voting age Americans must challenge candidates who are not soberly addressing the issue of climate warming. We have only about 15-20 years to get this right. That is an eye blink.

In America, we have mostly made decisions by our economic bottom line. This has led to the crisis we are experiencing now. That economic practice requires continued growth. We need to develop circular systems of human enterprise that are steady state systems, looping back to conserve and reuse everything as we observe in nature.

This is a time for sober action and innovation — we have to innovate the sh– out of everything we do. I believe this can be a great age of learning and collective action in which we declare what we hold as too precious to destroy.