The world today’s babies will know. It’s…

quieter and cleaner, and more just.

Power from the sun, wind, and water will again be how humankind goes about its day among the myriad forms of life sharing the planet.

Energy democracy, as it comes online for millions, will do away with the former world’s grasp of limited energy, an egregious form of autocracy that just about destroyed the living world.

Everyone in your baby’s life will have energy on the spot, for their homes, businesses, and transportation. All over the world. It’s in the cards, the stocks and bonds, and the science. It’s happening right now.

There will be turbulence, so parents will need to work hard to get their youngsters through it, staying balanced, looking for the light ahead.

A new world is dawning. Young warriors are on the frontlines, supported by grannies. See them around the world standing at the gates of power, signs and songs among them. See the world dawning for your babies.

You must help, show your babes the way. No passivity allowed.

Read from a CNBC article about how to understand and talk about climate change using emotional intelligence.

Its gonna be good, even as a lot of turbulence and rancor rises in the transition. Parents, grandparents, keep your eyes on the light. Show your babes how to be, what to do, and how to discern the truth.


Above all do not lose hope. Look for the forces bringing a better world today and tomorrow, and follow and support them in everyway your can.

Lost River Cave, Bowling Green, Kentucky