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Project Drawdown is a leader in climate action with breakouts by sector, action steps in each, and the potential carbon drawdown from the atmosphere. Now the organization has developed a new resource for people to find their own way forward in preparing for climate resilence.

Most of us wake up daily to a “firehose” of information about climate change –enough to make us dive under the covers. But Project Drawdown has prepared a special feature, Discover, which helps you learn more, organize people, find a career, and a number of actions within your community’s life.

Just one example I found for a search for My Community and Electricity sector:


“Retrofitting buildings with insulation is a cost-effective way to reduce energy required for heating and cooling. If annually, 1.6–2 percent of existing residential and commercial buildings in temperate and tropical countries install insulation with low-carbon materials, we could avoid 15.38–18.54 gigatons of emissions at an implementation cost of US$710.37–791.29 billion. Over the lifetime of the building, heating and cooling savings could be US$19.57–22.92 trillion.”

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