Supporting Young Voters

Rock the Vote seeks to maximize the power of young people by supporting, educating, and providing tools for them to vote, organize, and grow in numbers to realize their collect power to shape the future.

Among the rich resources provided on the website is Democracy Class. This is a curriculum that can be taught at schools to educate youth about all aspects of voting in America. It teaches the history of voting in the U.S. and preregisters and registers young people to vote. The curriculum is nonpartisan. The website, resources, and messaging demonstrate how to effectively organize and use social media. There are numerous virtual tools.

As I have watched young protesters across the country grieving for criminal justice reform and an end to the racists roots that plague the body politic, I am so encouraged. Young Americans today are much less caught up in stereotypes, fluid in their acceptance of diversity among themselves, indeed celebratory of their differences. THAT is the direction we must follow.

Take Action to Assure Safe Voting for 2020.

I am from the Boomer generation, turning 75 in just a few days. The world being born is one that belongs to young Americans and I can be a part of its realization by helping their new world birth itself. Not for myself, but for young Americans who will make this a healthier nation. With them we’ll realize the dreams written in the Constitution which our forefathers never truly understood yet made possible. Young Americans will realize the dream more fully, and on and on, as a nation devoted to freedom grows in understanding of what that means and can possibly bring to everyone.

Go to Rock the Vote and engage in all the opportunities there. I am going to work on a Democracy Class for Bowling Green students.

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