Where will the lithium come from?

I have introduced readers to the Volts Podcast with David Roberts on numerous occasions and topics related to decarbonizing the economy.

In this podcast about lithium mining constraints, David interviews Dr. Thea Riofrancos. Thea is a scholar on resource extraction, renewable energy, climate change, green technology, social movements, and the left in Latin America.

Listen to an expert describe the constraints on meeting the demand for lithium for EV batteries. We need to get out ahead of this because there are justice and environmental factors to be considered. During the discussion, Dr. Riofrancos reflects on this moment in history and forecasts into the future about economic and environmental outcomes. She spurs us to ask other questions such as how do we want transportation to look in the future? Does everyone need a car? What about public transportation?

Extraction has realistic impacts. We need to be informed and move carefully.

Eye opening, smart, and timely. Listen now.

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