Nonprofits and the IRA

This is a printable article from the National Council of Nonprofits with links and references for nonprofit administrators to begin to plan on how or whether the Inflation Reduction Act can help you reduce your costs for installing clean and cheaper energy, and other green upgrades. You’ll be amazed.

And below is another article on the Maryland Nonprofit Site retrieved 11-15-22

New Ezra Klein Discussion with Bill McKibben, re: IRA and energy transition

Ezra Klein Podcast and New York Times article today, November 15.

A down to earth discussion of what has to happen literally in less than 8 years to meet the 2030 goals set by the U.S. at the Glasgow COP. This is the minimum reduction in contributions to atmospheric warming to level warming to 1.5 degrees Centigrade. Right now we are moving to overshoot that by as much as a degree by 2100 — a world no one wants to live in.

This needs to be city by city, local people deciding how it will look, who invests in it (think about a church having a chance to invest in the energy production of their township). Lots of decisions need to be made and local groups will need to step up and help save money for people while making the climate safer for everyone. This is why I am devoting my blog posts to helping you learn about the IRA and where to find information. We have a world to change.

RELATED TODAY: Halifax, VA City Council is getting ready to vote on whether to approve a 5 Megawatt Solar Installation. The city population is about 1400. Here is an example of energy transition by local decision makers. In the News & Record, November 14. Its the tip of the wave …