New Novel: Threshold

Release Date: November 2016

THRESHOLD was released on November 1, 2o16 by Fireship Press in Tucson, Arizona. The novel explores how communities respond to long-term drought and increasingly warmer temperatures in a desert city. Tucson, Arizona – like other large metropolitan cities in the Southwest – is facing the challenge of providing water to its inhabitants during a progressively drier and hotter period which scientists are documenting as long-term ecological change. The impacts of climate change are felt disproportionately among residents of varying economic wealth and social capital. These disparities have existed for centuries but now are amplified. How will the city hold together? What happens in individual lives of people living in different circumstances?

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Author Susan Feathers in Threshold envisions life in a major American city (Tucson) as issues of climate change – water scarcity, rising temperatures, energy shortages, and decreasing food supplies – paint a vivid portrait of what we might expect. (These challenges are universal and a current reality for much of the world.) How can we guide students to make wise decisions about our planet? Teens from a Native American tribe, a museum veterinarian, Border Patrol staff, community activists, and others help us find our own sense of place in a world where climate change necessitates a change of thinking and doing. Rising temperatures plus less water lead to desperate people whose sole priority is simply to exist. How do the (almost real) characters in Threshold deal with this situation? Teachers especially help foster student attitudes that shape communities, creating a personal and collective sense of place. Spoiler alert: this story does have an uplifting message, despite the ordeals of its characters! This book is based on sound science, uses the most cur- rent data available, and can readily be adapted for a PBL study. – (KS) 

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THRESHOLD brings together all the players in an ecological and social/political drama happening in real time in the United States Yet the story is timeless and universal in its appeal to our common humanity. THRESHOLD will make you think twice as it explores the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced. Look for it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, at Antigone Books, COAS Books, Casa Camino Real Bookstore, and other book distributors.

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