Pensacola is home to America’s oldest Camellia Club, founded in 1937. I had the rare privilege of listening to Gordon Eade on Friday afternoon on the campus of University of West Florida. Gordon is a retired UWF faculty member and active in the Pensacola Camellia Club. In fact as we walked around the UWF Camellia Garden (established in 2007) he told me story after story of the plant’s namesake and showed me three varieties that he himself cultivated.

These photos were taken by moi last winter at UWF before I knew anything about the garden or the club.  I just love the UWF campus—festooned with giant oaks with trains of silver moss above our heads as we walk to the office or to class.  Azaleas, crapemyrtle and of course, camellias make me joyful no matter the cares of the day….