Copenhagen Tremors Draw George Soros Idea

Rumblings from developing countries over rumors of a separate agreement between the U.S., Denmark, and Britain that would allow developed countries to pollute more relative to developing countries, is causing tremors in the Cop 15 Climate Summit spirit of cooperation.

Many of the expected climate change impacts such as rising sea level will disproportionately impact poorer countries with less economic resources than rich countries.  Did we really think we could discuss, argue, and come to agreement on a world-community plan to mitigate environmental and economic impacts without addressing the age-old problem of have’s versus have not’s?

Philanthropist, George Soros, addressed this gap and called for the IMF to fund climate change adaptations in developing countries by investing $100B  in developing countries for green energy projects and adaptations necessary to adapt to climate impacts in those countries. Money will come from the funds set aside for financial recovery in world-wide economies. Soros addressed the 192-country summit.

Soros is responding to the possibility that the talks will break down due to The Group of 77 (bloc of developing countries) which contends that developed nations like the U.S., who have contributed the lion’s share of CO2 emissions over the last 150 years of industrialization, should make substantive commitments for reduced emissions and assistance to developing countries. Soros called upon the political will of the people to assure Congress will not delay to support his plan and significant commitments from the U.S. to the rest of the world community to reduce emissions.

Kyoto Protocol

Copenhagen Summit

Author: Susan Feathers

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