Trajectories on the Oil Spill From Florida State University

Go to the link for Oil Spill Academic Task Force (see link on this site) and click on Projections. Also, here is a direct link to one window showing forecasted current action and trajectory.  It shows the oil spill going directly onto the  Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama coastlines. It is staying away from the Florida’s panhandle region so far. That is just one day’s current. With southerly flows that could shift to the east. Also, here you can see actual reports of dead or injured wildlife and sightings of oil spill conglomerates on or near beaches through

Last night I walked on Pensacola Beach at the Ft. Pickens Entrance Area and found clean beaches except for a pompano that was washed up on shore with no apparent injury to its body on the exterior. Also noticed at the high tide level, taletell black and gray coloration left in the sand. This could be normal from rough seas. The pompano on the beach can also be just normal stuff. But I feel that I want to start reporting whatever I can.I found a clump of very dark stuff that had a lot of plant material in it. Did not smell oily and I think I have seen this kind of stuff before under normal conditions.

Lots of people walking on the beaches. They are gorgeous and so far there is little sign of any impact on the area.

Author: Susan Feathers

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