Moving Planet

September 24, Moving Planet Day

Pensacola’s Moving Planet drew a hearty crew of bikers and riders. We had an enjoyable ride and speaker program and bike-building demonstration. View Photos.  Our Mayor, three City Councilpersons, and the Director of the Escambia County Environmental Services.

At a time when unprecedented climate events are impacting all areas of the United States and much of the planet, renewed interest in climate change action is more than timely. Moving Planet is an international day of action organized by, a global community for reducing global warming by transition to non-fossil fuel economies.

In Pensacola, a dynamic event is planned with representation from bike shops, cycling clubs, University of West Florida Yellow Bike Program, Pensacola City Council Members, local activists, artists and citizens. Moving Planet-Pensacola will bring hundreds of people together to ride and to act to transform city neighborhoods and downtown to walkable, bikeable communities and area accessible to everyone.  Sherri Myers and Brian Spencer will speak to the crowd about the ordinances and activities they are promoting at the council level, and to hear from citizens who walk and bike about  kinds of planning and modifications that are needed on the street level.

This local event is part of an international day of action planned by Bill McKibben and, the organization he founded to galvanize collective action to reduce carbon emissions to 350 parts per million or less.  Since its founding in 2007 has raised awareness of the imperative to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to safe levels and how citizens can empower themselves to make a difference while having a Whole Lot of Fun!

Moving Planet

September 22th update:  An NPR program aired today about legislation that would support cities trying to improve bike infrastructure receiving resistance by Republicans in Congress.

Author: Susan Feathers

Family, friends, nature, books, writing, a good pen and journal, freedom of thought, culture, and peaceful co-relations - these are the things that occupy my mind, my heart, my time...

2 thoughts on “Moving Planet”

  1. Yes, we can do it. The question is, Will we do it? Wendell Berry once said we do not know what we have done until what we have done has become undone. Now we need to act before that time, and time is running out.


  2. Thank you, Susan. You have covered Moving Planet Pensacola beautifully. This is why we do it. There’s no time to sit on the sidelines.


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