The Paris Promise

earthMonday begins the Paris Summit on Climate Change. Click here for The Guardian’s video on why they believe that the world’s leaders WILL strike a deal to limit climate change. Many believe this is the world community’s last chance to limit the worst impacts of climate changes already set in motion. Scroll down to Links on this blog to find sites keeping track of climate change. One that I frequent is NASA’s Vital Signs of the Planet.

Also, see this article from the Washington Post on the recent surge in global temperature that refutes the notion of a global warming “pause”.

Author: Susan Feathers

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6 thoughts on “The Paris Promise”

  1. Hi. My name is Earth. And I’m a FF Addict.

    This is could be a good first step, which is what a journey of 1000 miles begins with. But don’t think this will be nearly sufficient.

    As Naomi Klein’s book says – “This Changes Everything” If we are starting in Paris, it is just a start. (Which is better than not!)


    1. I believe that the agreements hammered out in Paris will include meeting every 5 years until we reach the goal of no more than 2 degrees centigrade increase in average global temperature. You are right. Its so complex that this is a step, albeit a big essential step – maybe a leap – forward and then its staying on top of the work of everyone going forward.



      1. I don’t want to be negative just because the start isn’t the finish. Like planting a tree, the best time to start was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is now.

        Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, I think all of our efforts will prove insufficient to prevent bad things from happening. Bad things that will result in political, economic, and military disruptions that will periodically cause major (10% to 50%) disruptions to the global commerce system for extended periods of time (weeks to years). (Among other things, like 10s or 100s of millions of climate refugees.)

        We absolutely need to do everything possible to minimize the disruptions ahead. But we also need to prepare for our collective failure. Creating a more secure food supply than we currently have in each community is the most critical strategy we can adopt.

        Have a nice day (;-)


  2. Sobering realities and probably correct. It might even be worse. There are so many massive ecological changes happening at the base of food chains such as Rick Brusca and his team in Tucson found on Mt. Lemon – ecological change over only 60 years.. Leopold had it right over 100 years ago when he asserted that an ecological conscience is necessary for our survival. So, we plant the trees anyway….


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