Scalia: The Christian Science Monitor Review of Life and Work

In the Capitol Building
In the Capitol Building

Since the death of Justice Scalia, I have searched for a good review of Antonin Scalia’s life and legacy in interpreting the law of the land. While I do not personally share his political beliefs about Constitutional “originalism”, I respect a life lived with devotion to the law and to one’s personal beliefs. The reason I am posting this is to provide the perspective of at least some of the Republican Presidential candidates about Constitutional interpretation.

So, before we all rush off to join the conflagration considering Scalia’s replacement, here is an article by Mark Sherman from Saturday’s Christian Science Monitor that explore’s the man’s life and work. This gives citizens an idea of the impact of one judge’s beliefs and legal interpretations and the challenge to President Obama in replacing a Supreme Court Justice.

“Antonin Scalia remembered as tireless advocate of Constitutional originalism.” ~ by Mark Sherman, The Christian Science Monitor, Saturday, February 13, 2016

Read another interpretation of Justice Scalia’s legacy from The Nation – Scalia v. the World: On Antonin Scalia.

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