Being in this moment

If you are like me, everyday is a work in progress attempting to understand this moment of converging forces. It is an understatement to write that this is an inflection point culturally in the U.S. and other countries.

Black Lives Matter is bringing us to a startling moment of truth: who we are and where we might go as a democracy through collective action to understand and dismantle racism and racists ideas.

In our country, this cuts deep to the fact that racism is built into policies and practices present at the founding and continually refreshed by our collective lack of understanding about what racism is and how it operates in us and the culture.

Ibram Kendi, in his book, How to Be an Antiracist, defines racism as our actions or lack of action that support ideas, policies, and practices that support inequality. So by commission and by omission. If we are not working for a more equitable society by defending each person’s rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then we are supporting racism.

Imanyi Perry, Princeton Professor, interviews the author here. Watch and then get the book. I particularly like the audio version read by the author. It is a highly personal story and yet works as an instructional guide for U.S. citizens who wish to understand the moment and be a part of moving the nation forward to achieve its high ideal of equality for all.

Author: Susan Feathers

Family, friends, nature, books, writing, a good pen and journal, freedom of thought, culture, and peaceful co-relations - these are the things that occupy my mind, my heart, my time...

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