How Banks Can Fuel Rapid Response to Climate Change

If you have read Kim Stanley Robinson‘s latest book, Ministry of the Future, you know that banks play a pivotal role in delivering the human world from extinction. That, of course, is not a clean line to a solution. While banks work out how to finance the sweeping change from fossil-based markets to nature-based markets, bad “stuff” happens.

But, at COP26, we learned that 100 financial institutions, central banks, have come together to finance the greening of our economies. See this link:

Pledges so far, but looks like it has real potential to drive climate mitigation toward a nature-based economy . Read from the Guardian about this new coalition that has incorporated nature into finance, finally accounting for impacts on our only source of life, and shifting industries and societies away from fossil-based values and culture. Among the nations of the world, the USA will struggle to make this change but thank God we are at least driven toward greener markets offered by this coalition as no culture is more in love with a profit and more adverse to fees than ours.

Finally, watch this rousing TED Talk by Al Gore, the veritable “can-do” man on climate mitigation.

Threshold - a Novel about Climate Change in the Southwest
Novel about Climate Change in Tucson and the Southwest

Author: Susan Feathers

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