After COP26: Climate Education

Update: Interview with Katie Worth (see below)

My career is devoted to science education. Today on On Point, NPR, Katie Worth was interviewed about her new book, Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America.

This is an important direction for post COP26 to prepare the next generation about the world they will live in and solutions to the problem. Why wouldn’t we prepare children who are bright and see the evidence of climate change in front of them? As Worth explores the subject, we come face to face with myriad societal, religious, political, and economic forces working against teaching American youth about climate change and solutions.

Review the Next Generations National K-12 Standards for teaching climate change. Also, on this blog, download the Teacher’s Resource Guide for my novel, Threshold, which includes NGSS for climate change science.


Author: Susan Feathers

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