The Agriculture Resilience Act

Chellie Pingree, Maine Congresswoman, has introduced the Agriculture Resilience Act — a critical plan that will insure America’s agriculture sector will be resilient and strong even in climate change.

The six areas addressed in the Agriculture Resilience Act are:

  1. Improve Soil Health
  2. Protect existing farmland
  3. Support pasture-based farmland (grass-fed, grazing)
  4. Reduce food waste (30% currently wasted)
  5. Boost initiatives for our farms to utilize renewable energy
  6. Convert to regenerative farming and phase out industrial farming scale operations (put carbon back in soil and reduce carbon dioxide emissions).

See where this bill is in Congressional process. This is important to know about as the U.S. Farm Bill will be up for approval in 2023. Go here for an interview with AG Secretary Tom Vilsack with American Farmland Trust.

Last week, the USDA announced its “Agriculture Innovation Agenda” which aims to cut American agricultural emissions in half by 2050. Pingree’s bill would help USDA reach this goal more expeditiously by expanding the agency’s authority and increasing funding for key USDA programs.

What is “regenerative farming”?

Cutting Hay Photo by Susan Feathers

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