Why Should You Read Threshold?

A Story about a Community In the Throes of Climate Change

Threshold was published in 2016. Seven years later the characters and the action are recognizable as the Southwest has continued to heat up.

Drought and worries about growing food, sustaining adequate water supply, a dying Colorado River from overuse, and threat of losing hydropower all are present day challenges.

Threshold is written with youth in mind. Three teenage characters in different circumstances, and their families, navigate climate change differently, but all are thrown into finding sustaining ways to live and work.

Teachers, Middle School to High School young adults, parents, youth leaders, book clubs, and environmental conservation organizations will find Threshold interesting and useful. Stop by my table on March 2, Sunday in the Young Adult tables in the Indie Author Pavilion at the Tucson Festival of Books.

For teachers, see the page titled Threshold the Novel on this blog to download a standards articulation for Threshold.

Church groups and book clubs will find this a thought provoking novel to discuss.

Hear a chapter read by the author on Terrain.org.

Author: Susan Feathers

Family, friends, nature, books, writing, a good pen and journal, freedom of thought, culture, and peaceful co-relations - these are the things that occupy my mind, my heart, my time...

One thought on “Why Should You Read Threshold?”

  1. Susan, could I forward this to the Cumberland News – to put in the April edition?  Of course I’d take out the March 2 part and add my endorsement as a reader.  2 reasons for not doing a whole “book review thing” myself – and using this instead are – 1)  You’ve answered the question so well!2)  I lost my balance on my sister’s back step 2 narrow door frame steps and 2concrete and skidded across the cement on my hand and face. (forehead above right eye) right hand.  Didn’t cause any major permanent damage I think like broken bones but messed up my typing fingers – {and forehead} and I”m kinda pokin’ with ring finger on right and pointer finger on left and to type up a whole new review would take me past the Cumberland deadlines! . 



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