The midterm elections are over. Savor the silence. There is a good deal of analysis but its nothing like the barrage of emails that filled my inbox from the Dems who grew desperate and asked me for money at least a dozen times a day. I voted of course and gave what I could but they never let up because no one relates to us “people” as individuals anymore. We are part of a fundraising formula.

I will not go on. There is this breather of sorts–a time in between–the past elections and the coming Presidential campaigns. I plan to head for the hills or hoist the mainsail and take off close-hauled to the wind.

As we end 2014 I am party-less and encouraged that people can duck under the rhetoric of these times to chart a brand new day.

I feel a new democracy forming that is people-centered, made of clear thinking people at the base of the American food chain, who are not going to settle for wholesale theft of the American Dream by a few corporate heavy weights.

All we need now is a candidate who can embody that spirit.