RAH_LOGOThe community of Croton-on-Hudson was the place where we raised our wonderful kids – Tom and Heather. It is a beautiful place, on the Croton River Gorge with the slow moving Hudson along its shoreline.

The community in 1981 when the Run Against Hunger was first imagined, was a diverse congregation of tradespeople, especially stone and brick layers, commuters to New York City, and artists of note. But, most importantly, it was a community of dreamers.

Fast forward 36 years, and this community through times of war, recessions, and all kinds of woes and worries, has kept this event alive. Check it out.

We must never forget that our dreams are more powerful than armies, awful people, and the cynicism of modernity. What is your dream today? Make it happen.

See article about how the race became a memorial to Harry Chapin – another big dreamer and wonderful musician.

Here are some vibes to get you started!!  And I DO DATE MYSELF. Still love the song.