The Reach of Internet Sets Generations Apart

Next Draft Newsletter by Dave Pell
Next Draft Newsletter by Dave Pell

Daniel Pink recommended Dave Pell‘s online news commentary, Next Draft, in a recent podcast. I subscribed and am so happy I did. Pell connects readers with fresh perspectives on news, not the same analysis barked from every media outlet. Pell is terribly funny, too. Today’s menu of stories included “Netflix and Ch-Ch-Chilly, a blog post by Rex Sorgatz on his return to Napoleon, a tiny community on the plains of North Dakota where he grew up. First, Rex is also funny, and a good writer who reflects on his childhood and adolescence growing up in Napoleon. Rex discovers that the Internet is a game changer for digital natives in his hometown. In fact, these kids are living a dual experience: small town America networked to a world community. Worth checking out. Wonderful photography. I highly recommend that you subscribe to Next Draft. You will not be disappointed. Pell selects excellent articles and stories that are relevant as well as rich in surprising content.

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