Keeping track of funding for climate resilience at the state and local level

UPDATE 8-17-22 Volts Podcast:

I highly recommend that you listen to the Volts Podcast above and sign up for the podcast. There will be a Part II to this discussion.

Part II 8-19-22: Do NOT MISS THIS – So Much Explained

Scientific American: How the Senate Climate Bill Could Slash Emissions by 40 Percent

The Cardinal News – recent article with numerous links to learn more about how climate funding may or may not positively impact the economy, and who is likely to come out ahead. This publication serves Southwest and Southside Virginia communities, and is a bellwether for all American communities wondering how climate funding will play out locally. Trends in other states are reviewed and links provided. The article is written by the editor of Cardinal News, Dwayne Yancey, who illustrates how to write a balanced article.

Go here to read another Cardinal News article about Joe Manchin and the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Editor Yancey supposes there may not be support to pass a Manchin “deal”.

Return to this blog. I will be following the money trail as it becomes available to states and cities, and whether in fact people who can benefit the most will be able to take advantage of the bill’s climate mitigation investments.

Join Third Act to take action toward a rapid and equitable transition to a clean energy economy.

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